mehta kutumb ni vansavli ane tavarikh

(Mehta Khandaan ni Vansavli anè Tavarikh)
Online Archive for one of Navsari's Oldest Families.

Few families can boast (and the Mehtas are very good at that) of having such a long history. Starting circa 1300 AD with Kamdin - our earliest known ancestor, the Mehtas lived in the same area of Navsari for almost 600 years before they went into diaspora all over the world in a sudden, collective burst.

The family's original name was Talati - keeper of land records - and it was only in the late 17th century that the famous brothers, Bhaiji and Ramji, adopted the name Mehta. One branch of Bhaiji's descendants called themselves Munshi and another branch went on to become Batliwallas but these were rare cases.

It was Edulji Navrozji Mehta who, after retiring as headmaster of the boys' school in Bulsar, decided to research the family history. His painstaking work - in an age when there were no electronic tools for help - was of amazing clarity and depth. The first edition of the "Mehta Khandaan ni Vansavli ané Tavaarikh" was printed in 1921 and further research made him bring out a second edition in 1940. Finally a supplement was printed in 1941 which added some names missing from earlier editions.

Edulji's book is almost entirely in Gujarati, so for the sake of future generations, I've transcribed the names into English. Then, all 2,200+ of them have been entered into a database using PAF-5 (details below) in my spare time. What you will see on this site is the first draft of the family tree. Please go through the names and tell me where there are mistakes/omissions.

The descriptive text from Edulji Mehta's book is, however, proving to be a little problematic as my knowledge of Gujarati is limited and I read the language at snail's pace. Any help on this score will take a lot of weight off my shoulders and let me concentrate on getting the names and relationships correct.

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I'm using a software called Personal Ancestral File 5.0 which is available as freeware from I've boiled down to this after checking out a number of freeware and shareware alternatives. It doesn't have the most delightful interface in the world, but with so many names to correlate, it's the only one that seems to work.

The Dynamic Family Tree is, I have found, (again after much trial and error) the most convenient form to display the database as it stands at any given time. The only drawback is that it requires Netscape 4 (or higher) / IE 4 (or higher) with javascript enabled. From my experience, it works faster in Netscape but your milage could vary.

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